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Photo of Dawn E McCormick DAWN E. McCORMICK


Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh
M. Ed./TESOL Certificate University of Pittsburgh
B.A. Grove City College

Professional Memberships:

American Association of Applied Linguistics
American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language
Three Rivers TESOL Association

Recent Conference Papers:

Three Rivers TESOL 2011, November, Pittsburgh, PA
Paper presented: Vocabulary for Depth
Authors: Betsy Davis & Dawn E McCormick

AAAL 2009, March, Denver, CO
Paper presented: To Err is Human, to Self-correct Divine: Examining Classroom Recorded Speaking Activity Data to Support ESL Self-correction as Noticing
Authors: Dawn E McCormick & Mary Lou Vercellotti

AAAL 2007, April, Costa Mesa, CA
Paper presented: Self-correction and fluency in ESL speaking development
Colloquium: CALL contributions to SLA
Authors: Nel de Jong, Dawn E. McCormick, M. Christine O’Neill, & Claire Bradin Siskin

TESOL Convention 2007, March, Seattle, WA
Paper presented: Conducting research within intensive English programs
Authors: Dawn E. McCormick, Alan Juffs, M. C. O’Neill, Dorolyn Smith, & Lois Wilson

CALICO Conference, May 17-20, 2006, Honolulu, HI
Paper presented: Serving three mistresses in CALL: Students, instructors, and researchers
Authors: D. E. McCormick, M. C. O’Neill, & C. B. Siskin



Fundraising and Writing Grant Proposals

TESOL Convention 2012, March, Philadelphia, PA
TESOL Convention 2011, March, New Orleans, LA
TESOL Convention 2010, March, Boston, MA
TESOL Convention 2009, March, Denver, CO
TESOL Convention 2008, April, New York, NY
TESOL Convention 2007, March, Seattle, WA

An elective offered b the TESOL Leadership Development Certificate Program


McCormick, D. E., & Vercellotti, M.L. (forthcoming). Examinining theImpact of Self-correction Notes on Grammatical Accuracy in Speaking. TESOL Quarterly.

McCormick, D. E. (September, 2009).  Review of "Discourse in content and language integrated learning (CLIL) classrooms," Studies in Second Language Acquisition, 31 (3).

McCormick, D. E., Menasche, L., Smith Slaathaug, M., & Yogman, J. L. (2004). Words for students of English: A vocabulary series for ESL (Volume 8 Advanced Level). Ann Arbor: Michigan University Press.

McCormick, D. E., & McLaughlin, S. (2000). The context of ESL computer literacy: Participants, technology, language, and content. Mosaic, 7(4), 17-21.

McCormick, D. E., & Donato, R. (2000). Teacher questions as scaffolded assistance in an ESL classroom. In J. K. Hall & L. S. Verplatse (Eds.), The Development of Second and Foreign Language Learning through Classroom Interaction. LEA.

Forman, E. A., McCormick, D. E., & Donato, R. (1998). Learning what counts as mathematical explanation: Linguistics and Education, 9 (4), 313-339.

Antonek, J. L, McCormick, D. E., & Donato, R. (Spring, 1997). The student-teacher portfolio as autobiography: Developing a professional identity. The Modern Language Journal, 81 (1), 15-27.

Forman, E. A., & McCormick, D. E. (May, 1995). Discourse analysis: A sociocultural perspective. Remedial and Special Education, 16(3), 150-158.
Donato, R., & McCormick, D. E. (Winter, 1994). A sociocultural perspective on language learning strategies: The role of mediation. The Modern Language Journal, 78 (4), 453-464.

Current Projects/Areas of Interest:

Classroom discourse, Teacher questions, Student self-correction


English Language Institute
Department of Linguistics
Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences
University of Pittsburgh
200 Meyran Avenue
Parkvale Building, Room M20
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
Phone: 412.624.5902





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