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Dorolyn Smith


M.A. Linguistics with a Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages,
University of Pittsburgh

B.A. Latin American Studies, University of Pittsburgh

Professional Memberships:

Three Rivers TESOL

Selected Presentations:

2006 “Fundraising and Writing Grant Proposals.“ Part of the TESOL Leadership Development Certificate Program , 41st Annual TESOL Convention and Exhibit, Seattle WA (co –presented with Dawn McCormick)

2006 “Conducting Research within Intensive English Programs.” 41st Annual TESOL Convention and Exhibit, Seattle WA (co-authored with Alan Juffs, Dawn McCormick, Christine O’Neill, and Lois Wilson)

2006 “Active Listening.” Publisher’s session. 41st Annual TESOL Convention and Exhibit, Seattle WA (co-presented with Ellen Zlotnick)

2003 PaCIE (Pennsylvania Council on International Education) annual conference, Harrisburg, PA: “Student Research Abroad: the Latin American Seminar and Field Trip Program” (co-presented with Christina Indovina, Leslie Krafft and Lindsay Ruprecht)

2003 TESOL, Baltimore: “Developing Special Programs in the IEP” (co-presented with M. Christine O’Neill and Susan Iannuzzi)

2001 NAFSA, Region VIII conference, Pittsburgh, PA. Presentation: “Developing Special Programs: The University and Beyond” (co-presented with M. Christine O’Neill and Susan Iannuzzi)

2001 Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Conference, St. Louis, MO. Presentation: “Weaving Authenticity into the Pre-MBA Program” (co-presented with Jane Dunphy, Lionel Menasche and Bonnie Olson)

Current Projects/Areas of Interest:

Cross-cultural communication, administration of intensive English programs, teaching grammar & grammar teacher training


2006 Active Listening, Second edition, Levels 1, 2 and 3. (co-authored with Steven Brown). A listening comprehension textbook series with CD, for beginning- to intermediate-level students of ESL.

1996 Active Listening: Expanding Skills for Understanding (co-authored with Marc Helgesen and Steve Brown) . A listening comprehension textbook with audiotape for intermediate students of ESL.

1995 Videotape: "Cross-cultural Communication" (co-authored with Steve Brown and Cora Kaylani). Developed through a grant from University Center for Instructional Resources (currently known as CIDDE, Center for Instructional Development and Distance Education); video examines cultural differences in interaction styles for use in teacher-training and ESL classes.

1988-1989 Words for Students of English (co-author). University of Pittsburgh Press (now published by University of Michigan Press). Vocabulary series for ESL students.


English Language Institute
Department of Linguistics
Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences
University of Pittsburgh
200 Meyran Avenue
Parkvale Building, Room M 21
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15260 USA

Telephone: (412) 624-5927
Fax: (412) 624-6130


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