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Summer Language and Culture Program

Read what Wuhan University in China has to say about a similar Summer Program we created for them: (English or Chinese)

Classes in:

  • improving English conversation skills
  • improving listening skills through movies, TV shows and music
  • American culture and customs, including Pittsburgh’s influence on American history

Additional information:

  • 3 weeks of classes, 16 hours of class/week
  • Small conversation groups with Americans
  • Dormitory housing and homestays available

Additional trips and social activities after class & on weekends:

  • baseball game
  • hiking in the mountains
  • art and history museums
  • boat tour on Pittsburgh’s rivers
  • visit to a newspaper or TV studio
  • trip to Niagara Falls


July 24 - August 11, 2017

Application Requirements:
Applicants must show:

  • proof of high school graduation
  • proof of attendance at a college or university

Application Deadline: May 15 or when enrollment is full
Please apply as early as possible to avoid delays and to ensure a place in the program.

Click here to download an application.

Please note:

  • Do not apply for a student visa to attend this program.
  • The English Language Institute does not run special programs with fewer than fifteen (15) students. Thus, if fewer than fifteen students have registered by May 1, we may have to cancel the program.
  • Do not purchase plane tickets or sign contracts for housing/homestays until you have received your acceptance letter stating that this program will be offered.

Approximate Program Costs:

Tuition (includes materials & activities) $1800*
University fees $214
Application fee: $75 (non-refundable)

Niagara Falls trip (meals not included): $200

Total: $2214

Deposit: $500 (nonrefundable/applicable toward tuition)

*Tuition does not include airfare, housing, food, or other incidental expenses.

Proposed Topics and Activities of the Program:

  • American history
    Visit local historical sites
    Learn about Pittsburgh’s role in the War for Independence

  • Arts
    Visit the Andy Warhol museum

  • American media
    Visit a newspaper office or TV studio
    Create a newsletter

  • Civil Rights
    Guest speaker
    Visit the August Wilson Center for African American Culture

For more information about the Summer Language and Culture Program or for a customized program for your school, business, organization or group of 15 or more, please contact our Special Programs Supervisor.

Revised 3/27/17