"America's Most Livable City"

The city of Pittsburgh has recently been voted "America's Most Livable City" by both and The Economist of London. The Huffington Post also voted Pittsburgh among the 43 Prettiest Cities in the World. Come to Pittsburgh and see for yourself!

Pittsburgh offers a wonderful combination of 'big city' advantages and choices and 'small town' atmosphere and friendliness. It is a cosmopolitan business and cultural center. It is the home of major companies in the field of manufacturing, banking and software, as well as several professional sports teams and ten college-level institutions. The city's entertainment district includes symphonies, opera, ballet and theatre in addition to a wide range of music types, including jazz, disco, rock and folk.

At the same time, Pittsburgh's many different neighborhoods give the feeling of life in a small town, as you get to know the local parks, shops and neighbors you meet at the bus stop. Pittsburgh is a place that many international students and visitors call their second home.

Recreational areas for skiing, hiking, camping and boating are within a one or two-hour drive from the University. Pittsburgh is easily accessible by air, rail, bus, and car - it is close enough to visit New York, Niagara Falls, Washington DC, and Atlantic City during term breaks and on weekends.

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  • A non-profit organization that welcomes and supports new international residents to the city of Pittsburgh by planning cultural and social activities, sporting events and networking opportunities.

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  • One of the city's newspapers for local and national news

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  • Transporation information from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

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