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"Pitt's ELI has good teachers and student activities. We went rafting, to TGIF (get togethers at local bars & restaurants), Fallingwater, etc. It was really interesting."

Cheng-Hsia Lee, Taiwan

"Pitt's ELI is one of the most formal and effective foreign language schools in America. The faculty has great teaching talent and (the teachers) are honest, kind. If you want to improve your English, I recommend that you chose Pitt's ELI."

Misook Yim, Korea

"I think Pitt's ELI is very helpful for people who'd like to reach the level of perfectness with their English, and I myself have joined a couple of English Institutes in my country, but I find this one the best of them all."

Ahmad Al-Shareef, Kuwait

"After one month ... I'm able to write better, to use more adequate words, to understand and speak more efficiently."

Kotrotsias Spiros, Greece

"Pitt's ELI is well organized, so if you are choosing a school now, you had better go to Pitt's ELI..."

Shigeyuki Tazawa, Japan


"Pittsburgh is one of the nicest cities in the U.S. It has a beautiful downtown located at the junction of three rivers. There are many beautiful old buildings."

Anawat Popngpunwattant, Thailand

"Pittsburgh is a comfortable place to live. It is safe here and there is a lot of entertainment, such as professional sports, the symphony, and ballet"

Minori Nishida, Japan

"Pittsburgh is a very beautiful city with many bridges and green vegetation. It is also quiet and spacious."

Ines Winocur, Argentina

"I think Pittsburgh is one of the best places for living and studying in the United States. ... Transportation is easy... Moreover, the people are friendly."

Birem Imamaglu, Turkey

"Pittsburgh is very safe and calm..."

Sang Won Seo, Korea

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